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Steering & Suspension Steering

The steering and suspension systems work together to make your vehicle's ride safe and comfortable. Loose steering or worn out suspension can affect safety by making the car harder to steer and handle, and also causing the front tyres to wear out more quickly than they should.

The suspension system keeps the driver and passengers from feeling every little bump in the road. It's also important in keeping the driver and passengers safe, because its function is to keep the tires solidly on the road and maintain vehicle stability when cornering and stopping. Suspension systems typically utilize either a strut system or shock absorbers.

For safety's sake, your car's steering and suspension systems should be examined at least once each year by a trained technician. Our certified technicians can do that for you quickly and efficiently. They'll be honest with their assessment, and will always offer an estimate of the repair costs before doing any work, if repairs are needed.

A Steering & Suspension Inspection includes;

  • Road test to determine steering & suspension performance
  • Inspection of steering and suspension system
  • A report and evaluation complete with our recommendations
  • An estimate for labor and parts requiring repair or replacement

When to have this done

  • When noticing steering problems
  • Noises are heard when driving over bumps or clips in the road
  • When your vehicles tyres show un-even wear
  • If your vehicle is pulling to the side while driving

We supply and fit a large range of car shock absorbers, all at competitive prices. Worn shock absorbers not only reduce driver comfort; they can also dramatically affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. Our fully trained technicians will be happy to inspect your shock absorbers - completely free of charge! If necessary they will also offer you replacements from our extensive choice of top brand names - all fitted quickly and professionally

CV Joint and Boot Service

Each vehicle has so called Constant Velocity (CV) axle which consists of two Constant Velocity joints. The main task of this CV axle is to transfer the torque from the engine to the wheels of your vehicle.

During its work the engine of your car produces a lot of energy and the special mechanism is needed to deliver all this torque to your car's wheels. And CV joints allow all the power that engine gives to be transferred very smoothly.

The most common problem that causes Constant Velocity joints failure is crack in the boot. When the boot is cracked it can no longer protect the mechanism from the moisture and dirt. Dirt gets into the unit which increases the wear of its parts. You can even hear a noise (a clicking noise) during its work. So when you hear that clicking sound in your car's CV joints that can only mean the crack in the boot.

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